Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Discount May 23rd - 30th

Hi a11!

Monday has come again and discount items of this week have been replaced!
The items you've been looking for might be discounted this week. Please check!

Product Name: ***Ambrosia*** Temari-red
Creator: Sherry Otsuka
Price: 60L$ ⇒36L$

Product Name: Ro-y's_*G'EYES*_brown-silver
Creator: Itakeru Westland
Price: 40L$ ⇒ 24L$

Product Name: aisatsu Gestures VOL.1 :: maikoZ ::
Creator: maiko Zehetbauer
Price: 50L$ ⇒ 30L$
Some explanation for this item will be needed ;)

This is gesture HUD of Japanese greeting. If you are interested in Japanese language, it will be effective so much =)
As you click HUD, a girl's voice will speaks instead of you as follows;

-Arigato (=Thank you)
-Ohayo gozaimasu (Good morning)
-Konnichiwa (= Hello/Good afternoon)
-Konbanwa (=Good evening)
-Oyasuminasai (=Good night)
-Hajimemashite (=Nice to meet you)
-Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (=How do you do?)
-Arigato gozaimasu (=Thank you so much)
-Whoowa... gomen nasai (=Oh, so sorry!)
-Ahahaha (=lol)
-Hidoi !(=You mean!

If you learn Japanese, you know that those words are Japansese basic greeting words;) We recommend this items for non-Japanese who are interested in communicating with Japanese people. We hope it works =)

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