About Us

Hi, all!

We are SOS-Nebula, the Japanese company managing more than 40 stores in Second Life.

Our designer keep producing items of fashion, body parts, toys and vehicles.
Once you visit our store, you may find something to make your avatar look good and enjoy Second Life ; )

This is our main store located at TSUKIJI.

Weekly discount sale is held only at main store.
You may not miss it!! XD

We will announce sale infomation every Monday here:

We also have a HUGE freebie shop just next to our main shop.

If you are a newbie, just visit here and make your avatar cool now!
We will pick up some freebies here sometimes at this blog!

We are going to introduce our items on sale, the malls and SIMs where our stores are located, or inform you what items are off the price at this blog.

SOS-Nebula : TSUKIJI, TSUKIJI (134, 55, 22)