Saturday, July 31, 2010

Glasnost freebies

Glasnost freebies : dresses , tights , tattoo 

Bag : [Armidi Disaci] Poria corsico Bag   (ARMIDI FINAL SALE)

SOS Nebula products;
Hair : **Mauloa hair** Madia  40L$ per color ( 4 sizes set )
Shoes : :RW: Laura Ribbon HEEL Sandals  120L$ (7colors set)

SOS-Nebula Main store:

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bukka & M*Motion Lucky Letter Prize

Tops/Bikini Tops: M*Motion  Beach of summer Set
Shorts: [BUKKA]Short Denim with Double Ring Belt ::light wash:: lucky
Hair: DP*yumyum - *barberyumyum*18/brown

Hair: *RibboN* Hair Hunt

SOS-Nebula Products;
Tops:** Mauloa ** cotton WH flower tops
Sandals:: =:RW:=: Slingback Weekly Discount

SOS-Nebula : TSUKIJI, TSUKIJI (135, 55, 22)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

S@BBiA Group Gift

S@BBiA Group Gift :  No.15    Tunic and Shorts

Bag : *GF*

SOS Nebula products;
Hair : **Mauloa hair**Roza   40L$
Shoes : Emillia   6Colors pack  60L$

SOS-Nebula Main store:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Store Guide: Japan Fancy Island

Hi, all!

This week we would like to guide you to Japan Fancy Island SIM

This SIM is constructed as a tropical beach.
There are many attractive stores and landscapes here.

Japan Fancy Island SIM

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekly Discount July 26th - Aug 1st

Hi, all!

Monday comes again this week and check this week's discount item!

Product Name: Sunset Roses
Creator: Sherry Otsuka
Price: 40L$ => 24L$

Product Name: Slingback 6 Colors set
Creator: Ryouta Watanabe
Price: 70L$ => 42 L$

Product Name: MEGA-Bazooka / Beam
Creator: Jastar Dagger / nadeshiko Babii / Nobukazu Nikolaidis
Price: 60L$ => 36L$

Please check our main store!

SOS-Nebula : TSUKIJI, TSUKIJI (135, 55, 22)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Free Gacha Machine

Hi, all!

Today we will introduce a gacha-gacha machine (random object server) recently set up.

The gacha-gacha machine is now established in front of our main store.

3 kinds of animal ears, 4 kinds of animal caps and 2 kinds of spoon to wear on mouth are available and one item is served by one touch.
No matter how many time you try it, items are served for free, but please wait 2 minutes after the previous trial.

The following items are available;
Neko ears
squirrel ears
rabbit ears
dog cap
panda cap
elephant cap
eggshell cap
angel spoon

Every item is pretty and funny.

This is my favorite, panda cap! So cute!

Try at our main store!
SOS-Nebula, Tsukiji 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

:RW: Laura

Hi, all!

We would like to offer 7 colors set of high heels recently released.

Product Name: :RW: Laura Ribbon Heel Sandals
Creator: Ryota Watanabe
Price: 120L$

The following colors of sandals are included;

Wearing: Silver

Bases of shoes braided with glitter ribbons and straps among the insteps can be some accents on your feet.

Let us try other colors;

Wearing: Orange/Black/Gold

Elegant shape of shoes will be fit to dresses...

Wearing: Red/White/Pink
Clothes: aDIVA(gift)/SOS-Nebula/Ambrosia(SOS-Nebula)

Of course those are nice to wear with casual clothing.
Please enjoy coordinates.

Available at;

Friday, July 23, 2010

+radicalism+ Tattoo Lucky Letter

+radicalism+   Tattoo Lucky Letter : "13 cherry-BLUE  ,  "Bottom Explosion!!"

Hair : TRUTH  Veronica
Shoes : .+*AA*+.    suede sandal / long *sand
Headband : [MAGIC NOOK]  Grizzly Baby Headband (The Dressing Room  old item)

SOS Nebula products;
outfit : **Mauloa** Denim Salopett BL  100L$

SOS-Nebula Main store:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

tram Group gift

tram  gift : gamaguchibag / flats / pose 1-6    (Group gift active the tag)

Hair : !Lamb (50L$friday last week)
Earrings : *Grace Azure* white heart
Leggins :noju (closed )

SOS Nebula products;
Dress:summer dress  4 colors  100L$=>60L$(Weekly Discount) 

SOS-Nebula Main store:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Store Guide: Milky House Branch

Hi, all!

We would like to take you to Milky House Branch this week!

Milky House SIM is constituted of Milky House's big main store of kimono and three malls.
We have four booths in Neo Japanesque area in the sky.

With white textures and glowing plants succeed in creating not only modern but also fantastic atmosphere.

Milky House Neo Japanesque

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Discount July 19th - 25th

Hi, all!

Monday comes again and this week's discount items are set already!

Product Name: G'eyes Black - Orange
Creator: Itakeru Westland
Price: 40L$ => 24L$

Creator: Azure Ling
Price: 100L$

Product Name: Aisatsu Gestrure Vol. 1 (Greeting Gestrure w/expressions)
Creator: maiko Zehetbauer
Price: 50L$ => 30L$

Did you find anything you are interested in?

Please check our main store!

SOS-Nebula, Tukiji

Saturday, July 17, 2010

1prim Closet 01

Hi, all!

Today we would like to offer 1 prim furniture.

Product Name: 1 Prim Closet 01
Creator: Isolette Oh

This product is made of sculpted prim so some seconds are needed to be visble.
The slidedoor of the closet can be opened by touch!

The following colors are available;

Please choose colors matching your house =)

You can try demo;

Friday, July 16, 2010

**+Mauloa GAL skin 03

Hi, all!

Today we would like to offer a set of a cute, fashionable girl's skin recently released.

Product Name: **+Mauloa GAL skin 03
Creator: yukari Juliesse
Price: 300 L$

Summer Girl's sun-tanned skin with glossy pink lips and big eyes.

Took some pics in swim wear because this skin reminds us of girls on the beach.
One female shape is included in this package.

This skin looks like a girl age of 17 to 24, so you can enjoy cute clothings for girls and sexy dresses for women both.

Available at;
SOS-Nebula : TSUKIJI, TSUKIJI (135, 55, 22)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paris Metro (Subscribe gift)

From this week, we will introduce freebies, gifts and new release infomation of other shops.
We would like you to enjoy fashion in SL and we will be so glad if our products sometimes can help your fun.

Today we will introduce Paris Metro's subscribe gift=)

Dress/Bodysuits: Paris Metro: Bastille - 14Juillet+Electric Platium Gown (G)

SOS Nebula products;
Hair: (Left) **Mauloa hair** Dian rosybrown 40L$ (Right) **Mauloa hair** Roza Wheat 40L$
Shoes: -CutieS- Double Ribbon High-heel:3 colors setA 100L$ (snow)

SOS-Nebula Main store:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunset Roses

 Hi, all!
We would like to offer another beautiful rosy dress today!

Product Name: Sunset Roses
Creator: Sherry Otsuka
Price: 40L$

Our model, miukichi Jun took nice pictures for this dress;

Pretty pink roses contrast with cheerful yellow color of base. It reminds us of glare sun of Summer.
The price is also amazing, isn't it?

Available at;
SOS-Nebula : TSUKIJI, TSUKIJI (135, 55, 22)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Store Guide: Marche du Soleil Branch

Hi, all!

Tuesday is for store guide.
We would like to take you to Marche du Soleil branch this week.

This mall is structured like as a small  market place in South Europe by the sea.
Buildings are well established with light-colored bricks.

We sell herre mainly hair and female clothings.

There is a beautiful, small square with sunflowers and a fountain in the center of the mall.
You can enjoy shopping and relax here.

Many Japanese creators run stores in this mall.

When you take a walk around, you will find romantic ruins behind the mall.

Marche du Soleil

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekly Discount July 12th - 18th

Hi, all!

Monday has come and discount items have been replaced!
Check what items are discounted this week!

Product Name: Eternity Rose
Creator: Sherry Otsuka
Price: 80L$ => 48L$

Product Name: *VJ*063 Carley BOX
Creator: Vioku Jefferson
Price: 75L$ => 45L$

Product Name: Wing Factory Segvay
Creator: TsubasA Renfold
Price: 50L$ => 30L$

Could you find anything you've wanted?

There are other products with reasonable prices in our main store!
Just TP and check!
SOS-Nebula : TSUKIJI, TSUKIJI (134, 55, 22)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

1 Prim Tire Sofa WR

Hi, all!

Today we would like to offer 1 prim furniture.

Product Name: 1 Prim Tire Sofa WR
Creator: Isolette Oh
Price: 200L$

This retro-modern sofa inclueds 3 sit animations;

Available at ;
1 Prim Furniture shiop, SOS-Nebula  Shinsaibashi