Thursday, May 20, 2010

Akira Skin Set

Hi all!

Do you want to make your avi or your boy friend's avi cooler?
We would like to introduce male skin today!

Product Name: Akira skin set
Creator: kage Blanco
Price: 500 L$ (3 types of skin and 1 shape)

 There are 3 types of skin included;
hige ( = beard)

A suntunned, well-propotioned face like an athlete.

A muscular male shape is also included in the package.
Of course you can wear any shape you like.

The price must be rather reasonable with its quality.

Are you interested in this skin?
Just TP to our main store!

SOS-Nebula : TSUKIJI, TSUKIJI (135, 55, 22)