Friday, May 28, 2010

(Freebie) SK021 Dark Tan Model Skin 2

Hi, all!

Do you look for freebies? We have!
We will pick up some freebies from our big freebie shop, Noble Freedom everyweek.
There are great deal of freebies with high quality which our owner has collected all around SL.

Today, we will pick up a beautiful female skin!

Product Name: SK021 Dark Tan Model Skin 2 + NFD Shape 25

This is a sexy sun-tanned woman's skin with glossy pink lips and eye shadow.
Noble Freedom's original shape is included in the package.
Cannot believe that it is a freebie!

Tried other shape, "Azure Lady's Shape 10" .
It becomes rather cute than "sexy" =)
Please enjoy any shape as you like!

Available at Noble Freedom

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