Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Store Guide: Toy Hobby Market Branch (Closed)

Sorry, this mall has been closed end of June 2010 because of owner's RL matter.
Thank you for seeing this page! Please refer other shop guide.

Hi all!
Tuesday is the day for store guide!
Today we will guide you to the Toy Hobby Market at Shinsaibashi SIM.

Toy Hobby Market is a shopping mall dealing with especially toys and gadgets like vehicles, gestures and cosplay clothes.

You will find some featured items of this mall are also sold at our main store.
Yes, the owner and his partner provide us with their products to us.

We sell here vehicles, ninja-cosplays, HUD and some animations.

We have five (!) booths in this mall.

Other shops are also  selling interesting and outstanding toys and items here.
If you are looking for some handy gadgets or joke items,  we will recommend you to visit this mall.

Toy Hobby Market

Please check our main store, too!

SOS-Nebula, Tukiji