Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekly Discount June 21st - 27th

Hi, all!

Monday has come and discounted items have been replaced!

Please check what items are discounted this week!!

Product Name: Girlish Red
Cerator: Sherry Otsuka
Price: 40L$ => 24L$

Product Name: G'eyes Black - Brown
Creator: Itakeru Westland
Price: 40L$ => 24L$

Product Name: Aisatsu Gestrure (Greeting Gestrure w/expressions)
Creator: maiko Zehetbauer

Price: 50L$ => 30L$

Some explanation for this item will be needed ;)

-Haaaai (=Yeeees! /Okaaaaaaaay!)
-Yattane! (=You did it!/I did it!)
-Ryoukaideeeesu (=I understand)
-Mou!Okottayo! (=I got angry!!)
-Chotto Mattene. (=Wait a minute!)
-Dekinaino (=I can't do it! )
-Sokkaa (I see.)

-Chotto Muzukashiikana (=It is a little bit difficult...)
-Nanndeyaneeeen (Get outa here lol)
-Shinjiran naaaai (= I can't believe it! No way!)
-Eeeeee... ([hesitating, discontent])
-Mite Mite! (= Look over here!)
This is gesture of Japanese greeting. If you are interested in Japanese language, it will be effective so much =)
With this gestures, a girl's voice will speaks instead of you as follows;

If you learn Japanese, you know that those words are Japansese basic greeting words;) We recommend this items for non-Japanese who are interested in communicating with Japanese people. We hope it works =)

Discount sale is held only at main store!
SOS-Nebula, Tukiji