Thursday, June 17, 2010

(1L$)"pulcino" gacha nail

Hi, all!

Today we would like to introduce gacha-gacha (random serving machine) glove nail which are set up at Nipponbashi branch.

Creator: piyogorou Aichi
Price: 1L$ for 1 play

When you play for the first time, select box by right click and make pie menu appear.
Click "pay2 from the pie menu, then products will be served. You cannot choose color so you can give ones to your frineds because those items can be transfered.

wearing: strawberrychoco (Chocolate Nail Gacha)

wearing: mintchoco (Chocolate Nail Gacha)

You can play only at Nipponbashi branch;

Weekly discount sale is held in main store. Please check it out too!