Friday, June 25, 2010

Jun Skin set

Hi, all!

Today we would like to offer a set of a cool guy's skin!

Product Name: Jun Skin set
Creator: kage Blanco
Price: 500L$ (inc. 3 types of skin and 1 shape)

Our director yocco Yokosuka took some pics with this skin trying some shapes for comparison.

The left and middle are wearing shapes included. The right wears one of her own.
Shape will make its impressions different but each will be a cool and cute guy =)

The shape included is tall, slender one.

"Jun" is the popular Japanese male.
Young Japanese girls may be able to list so many Juns of Japanese actors.
This name reminds us of cute, handsome guy lol.
Of course we would like non-Japanese residents to wear this skin, too!

SOS-Nebula : TSUKIJI, TSUKIJI (135, 55, 22)