Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Store Guide: Akiba Branch

Hi, all!

Tuesday is for store guide!
We will guide you to our branch in Akiba SIM today.

"Akiba" must have become so popular name of place among Japanese location.
Akiba SIM is of course inspired by Akibahara in real world.

Our branch is located at 2nd floor of the building above just near the TP point.
This building has cafe and radio station.

We have 2 boothes here.
We sell fasshion items and body parts at the larger boothes,

and gagdets and toys at the smaller boothes.

Please check our shop when you visit Akiba SIM!

SOS-Nebula Akiba Sorolity branch

Now discount sale is held at our main store.
Please check it out, too!

SOS-Nebula : TSUKIJI, TSUKIJI (135, 55, 22)