Saturday, April 24, 2010

Camellia Black

Hi, all!

We would like to offer a elegant, lacy one-piece for women today.

Product Name: Camelia Black
Creator : Sherry Otuka
Package Model: miukichi Jun
Price: 70L$

Here is a cute and elegant dress with a full of lace patterned on beautiful camelias.

First, I tried nomally.
It looks like a victorian country girl, doesn't it?
The texture with small dots makes its black not too hard and dark.

Then I tried it like gothic-lolita style with a gothic skin and a head dress.
You can make impressions different so much by changing some accessories and body parts!

The price is also reasonable, 70L$. Thank you Sherry for providng in this price!
If you are interested in, just visit our main store!!

SOS-Nebula : TSUKIJI, TSUKIJI (135, 55, 22)